The John Williams Show Full Podcast 1.31.2020: A $6 million “Thank you”, gun control a year after the Henry Pratt shooting, Super Bowl ad music producer

John Williams asks you how much you are willing to spend on your vet bills. That’s after WeatherTech Founder David MacNeil paid $6 million for a Super Bowl LIV ad to thank the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine for saving his dog. MacNeil joins John to talk about the ad and his dog’s recovery. Then, Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman and Congressman Bill Foster join John to describe the progress of gun control almost a year after the Henry Pratt shooting. And Sports Betting Analyst Sam Panayotovich tells John how to bet on the Super Bowl on his smartphone, and the tax implications of sports gambling. Comma Music Founder and Creative Director Larry Pecorella tells John about the process of producing the music for Super Bowl ads, some of which you will see Sunday. Finally, John gives you the Bright Side of Life!

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