Anna Davlantes Show 1/30/20: Dr. Willie Wilson Stops By, Recycling in Chicagoland, The Dos and Don’ts for Teasing your Partner, Operational International Team Chicago, & More…

PHOTO: Anna Davlantes with Dr. Alexandra H. Solomon & Dr. Adia Gooden. (Jasmine Cooper/WGN Radio)

Anna Davlantes Full Show for Thursday, January 30th: 

(At 0:00) Ji Si Yi and Anna name some of their favorite go-to dishes for the Big Game. (At 8:19 ) WTTW Chicago Tonight correspondent Amanda Vinicky recaps Gov. JB Pritzker’s State of the State address on Wednesday and talks about his stance against public corruption. (At 22:25) Chicago Recycling Coalition President Michelle Thoma-Culver speaks out about the needed improvements in the city’s recycling program. (At 33:22) Dr. Willie Wilson describes why he is working hard on establishing reparations for African American descendant of slaves by introducing the Reparations Ordinance for Descendants of Slavery Bill. (At 45:00) Dr. Alexandra H. Solomon, Author & Licensed Clinical Psychologist at The Family Institute at Northwestern University & Dr. Adia Gooden, Director of Community Programs and Outcome Measurement at The Family Institute at Northwestern University, joins us for Wellness Wednesday. They chat about the dos and don’ts for teasing your partner, how to help a loved one struggling with addiction, and the harmful effects of “fat-shaming.” (At ) Dr. Ami Shah of Team Chicago of Operation International & musician Thomas Purdom joins the program to discuss the organization’s’ upcoming Operation International Team Chicago Fundraising Party, which will help raise funds for their mission trip to Rakai, Uganda.

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