The John Williams Show Full Podcast 1.29.2020: Wienermobile pulled over, light bulb shopping, Senator Martin Sandoval, face masks

John Williams

John Williams shares a zany news story involving a wienermobile, and shares your jokes about it. Then, Mr. Fix-It Lou Manfredini tells John how to properly pick out light bulbs at the hardware store. Chicago Tribune Columnist Kristen McQueary fills John in on the bribery scandal involving Senator Martin Sandoval and SafeSpeed, LLC. Chicago Tribune Restaurant Critic tells John what his favorite steakhouses are and updates you on Chicago Restaurant Week. Then, Jesse White Press Secretary Dave Druker answers one listener’s question about applying for the Real ID. Pete McMurray shares how he once got his intern arrested. And University of Illinois Infectious Disease Physician Dr. Mark Dworkin explains just how effective those face masks are in protecting from illness.

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