Bob Sirott Full Show 01.29.20 | Searching For The Sun

Bob Sirott (Glenn Kaupert)

As we enter the 8th straight day with cloud coverage, Bob wonders when we’ll see the sun again. The show starts off with WGN-TV Reporter Courtney Gousman, covering the latest on the coronavirus. The Top 6 at 6 brings you the latest on the top stories of the day, followed by Attorney, Karen Conti to discuss  what will be the legal fallout for the Bryant family and the others who were killed? Who might be liable? The show continues with Shamus Toomey, Editor in Chief and Co-Founder of Block Club Chicago to talk about some extremely local news. Plus, Terry Savage, expert on personal finance, the economy and the markets, Cassie DiLaura from Entertainment Tonight and Jarrett Payton join the show. 

Listen to the podcast here:

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