Karaoke Storytellers is a show that will help you find your truth in someone else’s song

Justin Kaufmann, Connor Gorman and Jacoby Cochran

Connor Gorman and Jacoby Cochran join Justin to talk about this weekend’s Karaoke Storytellers show at Schubas. Connor and Jacoby talk about where this idea comes from, the popularity of both karaoke and storytelling, how they are able to find performers that can tell stories and also hold a tune and what we can expect when we go to a Karaoke Storytellers show.

This is the podcast for The Justin Kaufmann Show. The show originates from Chicago on WGN Radio and features newsmakers, tastemakers and trailblazers.  Hosted by award-winning broadcaster Justin Kaufmann, this talk show/audio magazine goes in-depth to help you better understand the city (and world) that you live in.




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