The John Williams Show Full Podcast 01.20.2020: The rabbit hole, veganism at dinner parties, the parking ticket divide, Mega Pros Monday Quiz

A Scott Stantis cartoon of John Williams. (Scott Stantis / Chicago Tribune)

John Williams introduces you to the rabbit hole, which led him to think of one famous and beautiful song by a 74-year-old singer-songwriter. Then, John plays back Brad Pitt’s acceptance speech from the SAG Awards, after which the actor was seen laughing with Jennifer Aniston. The internet watched that moment in awe. John asks for your opinion on whether dinner party hosts should cater to individual guests’ dietary restrictions. Listeners blow up the phone lines on that one. And Representative Carol Ammons (103rd – Champaign) joins John to explain why she co-sponsored a bill to reinstate the suspended drivers licenses of 55,000 people who defaulted on their parking tickets. Listeners also light up the phone lines with that. And John administers another Mega Pros Monday Quiz, this time about Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.

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