YCharts Market Watch: Why YCharts, Tech Stocks, Scott’s Local Picks | Startup Showcase: Genobank.io

Scott Kitun gives you 5 good minutes.

On the show today, Scott kicks off the Startup Showcase by explaining to listeners why YCharts are a great investment. Then Scott talks about the wrap-up of market trends thus far in 2020 as well as diving deep into the S&P and NASDAQ figures. Scott gives us the low down on the 4 trillion dollar tech companies out there. Scott’s local picks this week are Spotify, Nevidia, and Zynga.

Then on the Startup Showcase portion of the show Scott talks with the the CEO of Genobank.io, Daniel Uribe. Genobank.io is an online, community-oriented platform offering tailor-made art-collections for businesses across all industries including hospitality, tech, interior design and more.

To invest in Genobank.io click here.

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