The John Williams Show Full Podcast 1.16.2020: National Debt Crisis, Single-Use Plastic Ordinance and the Sports Teams to Bet On

John Williams talks about the nation’s debt with Ben Harris, the Executive Director of Public and Private Interface at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Managment. Harris talks about how the economy has performed over the last 20 years and how predictors were wrong about it’s trend. Then, Executive Director at the Illinois Environmental Council, Jennifer Walling,  covers this week’s NewsClick and the possible ban on single use plastic and foam in Chicago. Sam Panayotovich joins the show to talk about where you should be placing your bets for Chicago sports and more. Hear Panayotovich say how he thinks teams like the Cubs and White Sox will perform in 2020. Plus, Sam gives you his early Super Bowl predictions and the pros and cons of his predicted winner.

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