The John Williams Show Full Podcast 01.07.20: Jeopardy James Holzhauer’s brother, Australia fire damage, Dometi Pongo MTV News docuseries, Selective Services

A Scott Stantis cartoon of John Williams.

John Williams starts the show by welcoming back Ian Holzhauer, the brother of James Holzhauer, who will be competing in the “Greatest of All Time” Jeopardy rounds this week against Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. Then, John tries to think of a state whose area can best compare to the number of acres burned in Australia in the last week. Dometi Pongo is reporting on a series of unsolved crimes in MTV’s True Life: Crime, including the freezer death of Kenneka Jenkins. He provides some of the unexpected details of the case; the docuseries airs Wednesday nights at 8 on MTV. Plus, John invited Selective Services Chief of Staff Wadi Yakhour to explain where the rumor originated that a draft is imminent for a war against Iran, and to provide actualities of military registration.

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