Here’s How and Why Uber Set Their Sights on Freight

For consumers, Uber is known for changing the simple act of getting a taxi and ordering food. For the past two years, the company has been moving into the B-to-B market with Uber Freight. “We’ve built an app for independent owner-operators and small fleets, where they can log on and see the freight available to them,” explains Sagar Shah, Uber Freight’s Director of Carrier Operations. “They don’t have to call in and negotiate over rates. It’s full transparency.” In September, Uber Freight announced that it would establish its headquarters in Chicago and invest more than $200 million annually in the region. Sagar says that Uber Freight’s growing success comes down to a combination of Uber’s well-tested experience in logistics and input from freight experts. Listen to him discuss how Uber views the overlooked opportunities in freight, and how he feels about internal competition.

Sagar Shah, Director of Carrier Operations, Uber Freight (Sam Fiske/Technori)


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