Mega Pros Monday Quiz: Top Chicago stories of 2019

Striking Chicago teachers march in the city's famed Loop on the fifth day of canceled classes Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019, in Chicago. The protest was timed to coincide with Mayor Lori Lightfoot's first budget address. (AP Photo/Teresa Crawford)

Take the Mega Pros Monday quiz on top city stories of the year below, and then let us know how you did in comparison to Steve on today’s show!

1. Say what you want about Lori Lightfoot’s taxes, she overwhelmingly beat how many candidates to become mayor?
A. 14
B. 5

2. As a result of the new Chicago Teachers Union contract negotiated after a two-week-long strike, the starting salary for a teacher with a Bachelor’s degree will be:
A. $58,300
B. $38,300

3.To whom did Gayle King famously say, “Robert…”?

A. Matt Nagy
B. R. Kelly

4. Chance the Snapper was an alligator found in what park lagoon? _____________________

5. Which of these Chicago politicians did not find themselves in legal trouble this year?
A. Ed Burke
B. Danny Solis
C. Luis Arroyo
D. Carrie Austin
E. Martin Sandoval

6. How old do you have to be to legally use recreational marijuana starting Jan 1st?
A. 18
B. 21

7. What place did the Cubs finish in their division, 2nd or 3rd?

8. What place did the White Sox finish in their division, 3rd, 4th or 5th?

9. What was the Cubs’ record last season?
A. 84-78
B. 90-62

10. According to Channel 7, five of the top 10 stories of 2019 were about:
A. Crime
B. Lori Lightfoot
C. Jussie Smollett



Answers: 1: A, 2: A, 3: B, 4: Humboldt, 5: Trick question. They were all in trouble., 6: B, 7: 3rd. Cards were 1st, Brewers were 2nd., 8: 3rd. Twins were 1st, Indians 2nd, White Sox 3rd., 9: A, 10: C

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