Ji Suk Yi in for Anna on the Anna Davlantes Full Show 12/27/19: Eclipses are a major part of the story of 2020!

Ji Suk Yi with Astrology Anne

Ji is in for Anna and brings you astrology on this beautiful Chicago afternoon!

Ji kicked off the show by talking with expert astrologist, Anne Nordhaus-Bike, who tells us about how our daily horoscope can inform our lives and provide insight into major decisions, and all about how we’re in the middle of a set of eclipses right now. Then we have family relationship expert Vicki Reece the Founder of Joy of Mom. To learn more go to joyofmom.com. To close out the show we have the Co-founder of Block Club Chicago, Shamus Toomey, come on and talk about what his top articles of 2019 that block club covered over the year.

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