A Birthday Surprise: Matt Bubala Full Show 12.21.19

Matt Bubala, Jess Raines, Roger Badesch (WGN Radio)

Jess is determined to make this particular show one to remember for Matt’s Christmas Day birthday. News anchor Roger Badesch joins the show as a surprise guest! We review some birthday cake, celebrate this joyous season with some laughter….and make mental reminders that we need to restock eating utensils in the WGN Radio kitchen. Throughout the show, we talk about Christmas gifts and the proper age to stop buying for relatives. Listeners chime in with their thoughts. Matt and Jess talk about popular things throughout the decade from toys to t.v. shows. We pick at Matt’s curiosity with shows like Making a Murder and the 2020 Olympic games. At 2 a.m., photographer Will Byington joins The Matt Bubala Show in-studio. Then, at 3:30 a.m., Angela Esposito joins the conversation to discuss an upcoming festival. Matt also gives a review of the new Star Wars movie. Tune in to the full show podcast here.


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