Matt Bubala Full Show 12.14.19

Matt Bubala

In this full show episode, Matt and Jess are fueled on coffee and holiday cheer! At 1:15 a.m., Matt chats with Dr. Karla Ivankovich in studio. We discuss holiday stress, holiday shopping techniques and Matt’s love for personalized gift items. This year…we close one a decade! We chat with listeners about their best memories over the 10 years and life changes. During the 3 a.m. hour, Natasha Kassam joins us from Australia to talk upcoming elections overseas. Our show lands on Friday the 13th, so we talk to listeners about if they are superstitious or not…and learn a little history about why this date became important. Throughout the show, we talk about Toyota commercials, expensive houses and odd things you would find in your Christmas tree. Tune in to the full podcast here.

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