Jane Monzures Full Show 12/13/19: It’s a holiday party!

Jane Monzures with Katy Crabtree and Chicago Tribune's David Syrek.

The lovely Jane Monzures is in for Anna Davlantes.  Everyone has bad habits. Jane opens up the phone lines for listeners to weigh in on bad habits that annoy them the most! Then, Jane speaks with David Syrek, Chicago Tribune’s fashion and consumer editor and Katy Crabtree, trade area manager of marketing, events, and tourism for Bloomingdale’s about top holiday gifts for the season. Erikson President and CEO Geoffrey Nagle talk about the ways to prevent and reduce holiday stress for children and adults during the season. Plus, the holidays always call for a great cocktail. Shelly Mercurio and Zack Eastman from Dorian’s share their festive ideas for the best holiday drinks.

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