Wintrust Business Lunch 11/26/19: Don’t Forget About The Coupons On Black Friday


(AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

Steve Bertand, hosts the afternoon business program discussing a range of subjects from the way retailers are preparing for Black Friday on Wall Street, to delicate way of building up a child’s confidence.

Segment 1: (At 0:00) Jon Najarian, Contributor at CNBC & Co-founder of Najarian Family Office, shared his thoughts about how the retailers are doing before one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year.

Segment 2: (At 4:18) Kelly Leonard, Host of Getting To Yes And…,broke down the life lessons from his latest podcast and how a certain way of building up a child’s confidence can actually backfire.

Segment 3: (At 13:58) Jim Willcox, Sr. Electronics Editor at Consumer Reports, reminded listeners about all of the places to look for Black Friday deals and coupons.

Segment 4: (At 24:20) Amy Guth, Host of The Crain’s Daily Gist, raised awareness surrounding the suburban meat producer that recalled over 500,000 pounds of pork right before the Thanksgiving holiday.


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