Anna Davlantes in for John Williams 11.15.19: Debunking travel misconceptions, public impeachment hearings, awkward holiday party conversations, Bright Side of Life

Anna Davlantes broadcasts from the Allstate Skyline Studios (Photo: Mike Pokryfke)

Anna Davlantes fills in for John Williams on this Friday afternoon. She begins the weekend by talking holiday travel tricks, and debunking travel misconceptions with CBS Travel Editor Peter Greenberg. Then, Chicago Tribune Editorial Board Member Kristen McQueary gives the Republican take on the public impeachment hearings, while Adelstein Liston Media Founder Eric Adelstein provides the Democratic take. American Lung Association President and CEO Harold Wimmer talks about the importance of catching lung cancer early. And Clinical Psychologist Dr. John Duffy and Chicago Tribune Columnist Heidi Stevens discuss the conversations to avoid at family holiday parties, and they react to the awkward question Wolf Blitzer posed to Kellyanne Conway. Finally, Anna gives you Bright Side of Life!

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