Darren Cox and Torque E- Sports Take Top Driving Gamers To The Track!

CEO of Torque E-Sports Darren Cox

CEO of Torque E-Sports Darren Cox joins Dane “On The Road” to fill us in on the World’s Fastest Gamer contest. Hear as Darren shares his history as founder of the GT Academy and the ground breaking results bringing gamers to top racing series success and stardom. Listen as we hear about fellow judge and legendary driver Juan Pablo Montoya’s input in the contest and the winning drivers opportunities for 1 million dollars and a potential career behind the wheel. Darren talks about the drivers who have gone through the program participating in NASCAR, Formula 1, IndyCar and more and the way racing games and simulators are changing the future faces of motorsports forever.

For more information on contests, programs and upcoming television, go to www.torqueesport.com.

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