Anna Davlantes in for John Williams 11.01.19: Trick-or-treat recap, when to buy your kid a phone, Chicago crime rate down, Daylight Savings Time and health

Anna Davlantes (Photo by Glenn Kaupert)

Anna Davlantes fills in for John Williams, starting the show with your Halloween blizzard experiences. Listeners call and text in with a recap of their night, both as trick-or-treat chaperones, and as candy donors. Then, Clinical Psychologist Dr. John Duffy and Chicago Tribune Columnist Heidi Stevens join Anna to talk about a slew of modern parental concerns. Their podcast is “On Purpose.” And Sargent Pete Koconis joins the show to explain what brought the crime rate down this month in Chicago, and why so many cases are so difficult to chase. Plus, Dr. Kevin Most shares why seasonal affective disorder kicks in as we “Fall back” an hour Sunday. Finally, Anna, Elif and Lauren give you Fun Things To Do This Weekend.

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