Chicago CEO of Lightlife and Field Roast, Dan Curtin

Elysabeth Alfano

What’s the best plant-based ingredient to cook with?  It is the one that has paved the way for the plant-based revolution that we have today. Dan Curtin, CEO of Field Roast and Lightlife, joins WGN Podcast Host, Elysabeth Alfano or Awesome Vegans, to discuss her all-time favorite product: Tempeh. Plus, with Lightlife celebrating 40 years, they dish on the history and future of the plant-based foodie movement!

The most unprocessed you can get in the soy family, Elysabeth uses Lightlife tempeh as a base for all her “meat” dishes: Pasta Bolognese, Stuffed Peppers, Lasagna and more. Recipes are at Dig into this interview for some juicy inspiration, to hear Dan’s take on the growing competition in the plant-based burger space and Elysabeth’s prediction for the meat case. We live in exciting times!

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