Wintrust Business Lunch 10/23/19: Video Game Additions, Top Toys of 2019 & Store Branded Credit Cards

SINGLE USE ONLY Biz Lunch 10/23/19

(AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

Jon Hansen, hosts the afternoon business program discussing a range of subjects from the reality of video game addiction, to the top toys for kids and adults this year.

Segment 1: (At 00:00) Angela Odoms-Young, Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Nutrition at UIC’s Institute for Health Research and Policy, shared the data behind an Urban Institute study showing how food insecurity impacts certain areas of Chicago.

Segment 2: (At 8:20) Ferris Jabr, Contributor at The New York Times Magazine, dove deep into the world of video game addiction and Jon may have completely flipped his perspective on the subject.

Segment 3: (At 14:23) Scott Friedland, Shopkeeper at Timeless Toys, listed the top toys for the 2019 holiday season and how (like many other things) vintage is back in style with toys for adults.

Segment 4: (At 23:26) Nathan Grant, Analyst at Credit Card Insider, released the data showing that 40% of people who sign up for store specific credit cards usually end up regretting the decision.


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