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Dean Richards’ Sunday Morning | October 20th, 2019 | Larry Potash, Elton John Tribute, Paul Rudd, Seafood and Apples


WGN's Dean Richards

Join Dean for a jam packed show of Dean Richards’ Sunday Morning. This week, Dean talks with WGN-TV’s very own, Larry Potash about what’s to come in the fourth season of his Backstory with Larry Potash. Join Potash every Saturday night in October as he dives into the stories behind some of the most intriguing tales in history, culture, religion and science. (17:45)

Next, This Week In Theater gets covered in sequins as Elton John Tribute Colte Julian joins Dean to talk about his return to the Apollo Theater with the Chicago Premiere of Wonderful Crazy Night, A New Elton John Tribute Concert. Julian talks about the similarities that he shares with Elton’s upbringing and how it has helped him get into character for the show. The show is December 6th, 7th and 8th only, get your tickets today by visiting (36:37)

Following that, listen to Paul Rudd talk about his new Netflix show as he sits down in New York City with Dean. Plus, hear about the time Rudd was buried alive! (1:02:00)

Next, October is National Seafood Month so to celebrate, Chef Lucas Montoya of Ocean Prime Chicago joins Dean to talk about all things seafood. Are you new to eating or cooking seafood? Listen in as Montoya gives his recommendations on which fish are the best to begin eating and cooking. Plus, you’ll get expert tips on how to cook salmon, clams and many more of your seafood favorites.(1:08:56)

Finally, Kim Kuipers is the owner of Kuipers Family Farm. Kim and her family run the 230 acre farm in Maple Park, IL where they are best known for their apples, pumpkins, corn mazes, haunted walks and much more. With the Kuipers Family Farm offering over 30 different types of apples, Kim talks with Dean about the different tastes and varieties that you can expect when you visit. Plus, Kim lets you know which pumpkins are best for pies and which are best for carving. (1:22:05)

That and so much more on this edition of Dean Richards’ Sunday Morning!

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