On The Road With Dane Neal | Full Show 10/19/19 Dane brings listeners “on the road” to The Milwaukee China Lights!

Dane Neal

Dane Neal loaded up the WGN van and went “On The Road” to the Boerner Botanical Gardens for the show today. Dane on this jammed pack show talked about all things Wisconsin and Milwaukee and why Wisconsin should be your next family road trip!

Dane started off the show talking with Executive Director of the Milwaukee County Parks, Guy Smith and the Director of Boerner Botanical Gardens, Shirley Walczak. Guy, Shirley and Dane talked about all the wonderment of Wisconsin and the botanical garden as a whole. Next Dane was joined with Hui Yuan Liu with Tianyu Arts & Culture about the China Lights specifically and how they plan to grow the exhibit. Hui Yuan Liu is one of the designers and creators of the China Lights Lanterns.

In the latter half of the show naturalist, Howard April, joins Dane at the Gardens to talk to us about the Wehr Nature Center and informed us about all the nature elements of Wisconsin we should be on the look out for when we visit this beautiful state. Then Dane is joined with Joe Mrozinski with The Milwaukee County Parks to hear about why Milwaukee should be your next family road trip. To  close out the show,  Jenny Diliberti from the Milwaukee County Zoo talks about the new Elephant exhibit and the Lindsay McKee with Visit Milwaukee tells us all about  the events coming up.

For more information and to plan your next road trip check out countyparks.com.

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