Jon Hansen Full Show 10.11.19 | Who really caused The Great Chicago Fire, Blockbuster Blake Stubbs, “What’s Up With Space” and “Today I Learned”

PHOTO: Jon Hansen

WGN Nightside host Jon Hansen reads an excerpt describing in detail some of the possible culprits of the Great Chicago Fire and enlists WGN news man Roger Badesch and producer Michael Heidemann to be the jury on the final say.  They dive into the exciting tale and folklore of Chicago’s most talked about story… Was it the cow? Was it the gambler?  Listen in and decide for yourself.  Then, we take a look up at the stars as Mike Wall from joins us to discuss “What’s Up With Space?”.  Blockbuster Blake Stubbs calls in to give his two cents on the “The Joker” and “El Camino” and finally, we bring back the popular segment “Today I learned” where Jon Hansen, WGN news man Roger Badesch and producer Michael Heidemann crack wise about the knowledge they’ve gained throughout the day.

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