The John Williams Show Full Podcast 10.14.19: Chicago Marathon, school day start times, the Serial Stowaway is back at it, 526 voters come together

John Williams

John Williams begins your week with a review of the Chicago Marathon, which took place Sunday morning. Listeners give their takes on the annual athletic celebration. Then, John wants to hear from you about your take on the start to your children’s school day. That’s after a California legislation that will require the school day to begin no earlier than  8. CBS Travel Editor Peter Greenberg joins John to describe how the Serial Stowaway, Marilyn Hartman, might have gotten away with sneaking on flights, and why she continues to attempt it. Finally, AmeriSpeak Panel Senior Vice President of NORC at the University of Chicago shares key takeaways and the process of getting 526 voters in the same rooms for four days. 

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