The John Williams Show Full Podcast 10.10.19: Talk for text, David Krupa vs. Marty Quinn, Ellen DeGeneres, NCAA paying college players, Halloween decorations, and Blackhawk hockey!

John Williams

John Williams starts the show talking about the age difference for those who use talking in order to write text. Then, John is joined with Attorney Michael Dorf and David Krupa who is the college student running for Alderman of the 13th District to update us on the on going case happening between Krupa and Republican Senator Marty Quinn. Next on the show, John opens up the phone lines to see what listeners had to say about the Ellen DeGeneres and George Bush story flooding our social media platforms. On the latter half of the show John brings on the one and only legendary Walter Jacobson to talk about the NCAA and their perspectives on whether not college athletes should get paid as well as a scholarship. Then, we shifted gears towards Halloween and all of the spooky stuff that comes with it. To close out the show, Blackhawks hockey announcer, John Wiedeman, hops on the show to give his predictions about how this season will go.

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