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The John Williams Show Full Podcast 10.08.19: How pot sales will look, the Cubs on TV, House bills against ethylene oxide use

A Scott Stantis cartoon of John Williams.

John Williams wants to know what type of input the Chicago Zoning Committee is asking for on marijuana sales when it meets with community members this week. Listeners call in with how they imagine a pot store will look. Then, Chicago Tribune Columnist Phil Rosenthal explains where people can find the Chicago Cubs on TV. Some listeners text in their indignation towards that. Representative Rita Mayfield (60th-Waukegan) describes two House bills that will require sterilization plants like Sterigenics to be voted into the community, and to phase out the use of ethylene oxide. Finally, ABC News New York Correspondent Michelle Franzen lists some of the items you should buy before the 15% levy on Chinese goods kicks in on Dec 15.

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