The best obituary ever gets national attention | 10.05.15

Courtesy of Monique Heller

After 82-year old prankster Joesph A. Heller passed, his family could not think of a better way to honor his life than by writing what the New York Times called “the best obituary ever,” a unusually long and slightly inappropriate story on the life and tricks of Joesph in true Joesph fashion. That’s why his daughter, Monique Heller, joins with host Dave Hoekstra as she talks about her father’s wacky obit and funeral in Centerbrook, Ct. “During the last week of his life…he looked at me and I want people to tell stories about me … Wednesday before he passed I woke up at midnight.. sat down at the computer and started just typing … I brought it to the hospital the next day and we were side busting in laughter,” said Monique.

Check out Joseph’s obituary here. Visit the Facebook page in Joe’s honor.

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