The John Williams Show Full Podcast 10.04.19: “Teddy Saves America,” ICE Chicago director, Fun Things To Do This Weekend, Bright Side of Life

A Scott Stantis cartoon of John Williams.

John Williams starts the show listing some of Governor J.B. Pritzker’s personal funding to Illinois. Then, John invites Humanities Scholar Clay Jenkinson on to talk about the current state of affairs, some of which he’ll address in “Teddy Saves America” next Saturday, the 12th, at the Elgin Community College Blizzard Theatre. And John welcomes ICE Chicago Director Robert Guadian to explain what exactly it is that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement does, and what happened to the people arrested in last month’s Route 66 Pizza raid. John, Jen and Elif wrap the show with Fun Things To Do This Weekend and the Bright Side of Life.

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