Comprehensive Lincoln Biography Continues with Volume 3 from Author/Scholar Sidney Blumenthal

Paul Lisnek

This week Paul goes behind the curtain with author and Lincoln scholar Sidney Blumenthal who discusses the newly released Volume 3 of his 5 part epic biography (called “The Political Life of Abraham Lincoln) of our nation’s greatest president. This volume is titled: “All the powers of Earth: 1856-1860” and takes a look at the Lincoln’s rise to power through his famous debates against Stephen A. Douglas. Lincoln achieves the presidency thru strategy, political savvy and sheer determination. Lincoln built a new political party that would be known as the Republican Party. Who were Lincoln’s mentors? How would he view the Republican Party of today? Was he as charismatic to hear as his words would suggest? How is this complete biography different from the many that  have been written about the man who saved the Union? Mr. Blumenthal talks about  all of this and much more in this extensive interview. Take a listen….you will be anxious not only to read the current volume, but  you will be excited for the volumes yet to come!

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