Attorneys Dan Herbert and and Kelly Krauchun on CPS | “They were tired of this child reporting he was being bullied”

PHOTO: Dramatic video shows staff at a Chicago elementary school allegedly pushing a young student outside and into the cold, according to a lawsuit filed by the child's family

Attorneys Dan Herbert and Kelly Krauchun join Roe Conn and Anna Davlantes to discuss their case involving Chicago Public Schools and the family of a 9 year old boy. The boy started at Fiske Elementary School where he was bullied and harassed. When he went to school officials to report the bullying, school officials did nothing. In a surveillance video, school officials escorted the kid out of the school and into the cold. CPS officials said the kid ran away and called in a missing persons report.

Dan and Kellie break down the case and the evidence against Chicago Public Schools and describe how the family is taking action.

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