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The Opening Bell 9/30/19: First Ascent’s Neighborhood Gyms Spurring Economic Activity

First Ascent Humboldt Park

Rock climbing is a sport that’s growing in popularity as the Olympics welcome it into it’s 2020 lineup, but also noted by the number of rock climbing gyms in the Chicago area. Jon Shepard (Co-founder and Business Director of First Ascent Climbing and Fitness) joined Steve Grzanich discussed the business that has seen exponential growth in just four years and how they are using large unused real estate to open new gyms and in turn spur economic activity in neighborhoods. (At 30:05) John Tozzi (Healthcare Reporter at Bloomberg) then joined the program to share the results of a survey that detailed how family health coverage in the U.S. costs a record high of $20,000 per year. How come costs keep going up?


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