Disney’s Newsies “wowing” audiences at Aurora’s Paramount Theater; Timeline’s “Oslo” the story of Mideast Peace Accords you Never Knew at Broadway Playhouse

Paul Lisnek

This week, Paul goes behind the curtain for two great theatrical productions.  First up is “Disney’s Newsies” at Paramount Theatre. This production is as strong as any on Broadway  of this wonderful and inspiring show. A strong cast, wonderful staging and music that will stick in your head, are just a few of the reasons to catch this show prior to October 20th. Actors Alex Prakken (Jack Kelly), Koray Tarhan (Davey) and Justine Cameron (Katherine) along with Paramount Artistic Director and Director of this show, Jim Corti, join forces to talk about what makes this musical a special experience for families and theater-goers of all ages. Playing through October 20th, tickets at www.ParamountAurora.com.

Next up (starting at 19:41 into the show), the dramatic story called “Oslo” tells the behind the scenes story of the Mideast Peace accords in 1993. You may have been around for those moments, but you likely did NOT know this story of what was going on behind the scenes. J.T. Rogers play is nearly three hours long, but its gripping story keep audiences with it from the very first moments. Done in true Timeline Theatre Company form, drama and humor tell about our past in a way that educates and also has you realize how relevant the problems and themes from the 1990s are today..  Timeline Artistic Director P.J. Powers and lead cast member Scott Parkinson (Terje Larsen) chat about this Broadway production that has made its way to Chicago, playing at the Broadway Playhouse through October 20th…tickets at www.BroadwayinChicago.com.

Two great shows…..take a moment and listen in!

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