Chaos at Woodfield Mall, Chicago Youth Climate Strike and Chicago Bears fans are among the least confident in the NFL

Lower Wacker Live with Justin Kaufmann

It’s Lower Wacker Live with Justin Kaufmann! This is the podcast that makes fun of the news and can also get you from Lake Shore Drive to 290 in like 5 minutes. Today’s top stories include a man driving a car through Woodfield Mall, thousands converging on downtown to protest the lack of movement on climate change, the Chicago Police and the city of Chicago reportedly missing over 20 deadlines when it comes to federal oversight due to the consent decree, Wal-Mart stopping sales of e-cigarettes, Senator Durbin trying to get the FDA to ban outright cigarettes, the Jonas Brothers still hanging around Chicago, the Cubs losing to the Cardinals, the White Sox heading to Detroit for a weekend series, a new study saying Chicago Bears fans are the least confident in the league and Justin looking to get on Comedy Central’s “South Side” as a dorky white guy.

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