“Ensemble: An Oral History of Chicago Theater” by Mark Larson: An inside look at the Chicago Theater Community

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This week, Paul goes behind the curtain with author Mark Larson to discuss his new book: “Ensemble: An Oral History of Chicago Theater.” The book tells the story of Chicago theater from its roots in 1953 thru today and all through the memories and words of those who lived through it all. Steppenwolf to Goodman, Wisdom Bridge to Timeline Theater, from Alan Arkin to Regina Taylor and Jim Belushi to John Mahoney….they are all here! How did Larson select the people to interview, the theaters to discuss and what challenges did he face in writing? This in-depth interview talks about it all and you’ll have little doubt as to why Chicago is the fantastic theater town it has become, once you take this thorough walk thru Chicago history.

If you are a fan of Chicago theater, this interview is a must-listen. If you don’t know much about the theater community here, then all the more reason to check out one of Chicago’s crown jewels and gifts to the American Theater scene.  Check it out!!

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