Wintrust Business Lunch 9/13/19: Amazon News, GameStop & The Man behind Wintrust Bank

President and CEO of Wintrust Business Lunch, Ed Wehmer and Steve Bertrand

Steve Bertrand kicked off the Wintrust Business Lunch by talking with Chicago Tribune’s Marketplace Editor Andrea Hanis about all of the latest happenings. Some topics the covered on today’s show was the newest Amazon news some including the new ‘4-Star’ store opening up at the Oak Brook Center and their massive career day coming up as well as news surrounding GameStop. To close out the show, Steve is joined with the man who puts ‘Wintrust’ in Business Lunch. The CEO and President of Wintrust BankEd Wehmer and Steve talk about the sense of community and how that is the foundation of what makes Wintrust Bank what it is today.

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