MVPP 09.10.19 | Cheryl Salaiz – Founder of Bras for a Cause.

Bras for a Cause

Cheryl Salaiz has organized a charity event known as “Bras for a Cause.” This event came to light 7 years ago when a friend of hers was diagnosed with breast cancer. She then started to  do some research of ways that she could be helpful / supportive of her friend as she began treatment. That’s when she came across the idea of decorating bras and raffling them off for monetary donations. 

The first year she did this, she didn’t know what to expect and a friend of hers let her hold the raffle / charity event at the local corner bar that she managed. Much to her excitement, she had 15 bras that were raffled off. That afternoon, over $900 was raised. She then presented the proceeds to her friend. 

Luckily the word spread and the event today has anywhere from 45 to 60 decorated bras that raffled off for a monetary donation. In addition to that, the cause now has included other great things in their raffles (like bulls tickets, spa treatments, tre Volte hair salon gift baskets and so on). 

All of the money raised, is used to go back into the community not an organization. Cheryl has helped women with their rent, medical bills, groceries and transportation. The funds are also used to send “chemo gift baskets” or a general bouquet of flowers. 

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