Elysabeth Alfano Talks to NBA’s Chris Paul and Others on The Red Carpet at The Game Changers Premiere

Awesome Vegans Podcast

From the star-studded red carpet at the premiere of The Game Changers movie, Elysabeth Alfano speaks with 9-time NBA champion, Chris Paul, who explains how he dropped the bomb on Lebron James that he is vegan!  Elysabeth also chats with former NFL star Tony Gonzalez, Academy Award-winning director, Louie Psihoyos, Suzy Amis Cameron and Dr. Dean Ornish. What a night!!

The Game Changers movie follows over 20 plant-based athletes on their road to breaking personal and public records.  Athletes are from all sports domains: tennis, boxing, weight lifting, ultra-marathon, car racing, body building, cycling, martial arts, strongman competitions, football, soccer, track and more.

Get your tix for the public premiere on September 16 at http://GameChangersMovie.com AND get your tix for the AFTER PARTY Elysabeth is co-hosting at No Bones Beach Club here.

For more information, visit https://elysabethalfano.com/awesome-vegans-podcast-vlog/game-changers/ .

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