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The Ferrari of Email Services Will Make You Go Faster — for $30/Month

What the car did for transport, Superhuman does for email. But while pioneers like Henry Ford intentionally made cars available to the mass market, Superhuman has a very specific target audience. The service costs $30 a month, and new users must pass a qualification process: there’s an estimated waiting list of over 100,000. (A referral from a current user could help move things along). Once you’re in, you receive a 30-minute phone tutorial. In the early days, this was done in person, and the man walking you through it was Superhuman founder and CEO Rahul Vohra. His exclusive strategy for Superhuman is paying off: in June 2019, the company raised $33 million in a Series B round. Over the phone, Rahul explained how he convinced people to pay to read their emails, and which key emotion he strives to create.

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