Following Hurricane Dorian, odd Labor Day traditions, Wisconsin Conservation, and more

Crain's Daily Gist host Amy Guth (Crain's photo)

Amy Guth is in for Roe Conn and Anna Davlantes today as she talks about odd Labor Day traditions including not being able to wear all white after the holiday; worst jobs and bosses ever; and her experience getting stuck in an elevator. Gary Goyke, President of Citizens for a Scenic Wisconsinenlightens us on the upcoming conference regarding Wisconsin conservation; Author Pat Zietlow Miller shares information about her latest children’s book “When You Are Brave“; and much more!

As we continue to follow Hurricane Dorian, Amy calls on Demetrius Ivory from the Weather Center to provide real-time updates and what path the hurricane is expected to take; Nancy Dignan, Florida-based meteorologist and professor at College of Meteorology, discusses the science of hurricanes and ; and WGN’s own Ryan Burrow explains how the hurricane is impacting travelers as many flights have been cancelled and airports are being closed. 


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