The John Williams Show Full Podcast 08.28.19: Pot conviction expungements, Dometi Pongo on the VMAs, Lung Force Walk, Jason Benetti accepts an apology

John Williams is back from Paris! #nofilter #socialmediainfluencer (Elif Geris)

John Williams invite Evonne Silva, the senior director of criminal justice and workforce development at Code For America, to explain how her organization is going to help to automatically expunge pot convictions off Illinoisans’ records. Then, MTV News Host and Former WGN Radio Anchor Dometi Pongo joins the show to share about his latest work, which includes covering the 2019 Video Music Awards. Kristen Young stops in to preview the annual Lung Force Walk organized by American Lung Association and taking place Sept. 22 in Libertyville. Join Captain John Williams’ team before registrations run out! Finally, White Sox Announcer Jason Benetti talks about what he’s been up to, and he responds to a listener’s apology to him.

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