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‘Side Eye/ Only Way’ : Double Feature Film Shows a Man’s Perspective and a Woman’s Point of View

Chiest Love, Leeosha Wallace & Edward Williams III

Chicago Creative, Chiest Love has a passion for helping others tell their stories.  Now he can share that passion on the big screen during the premiere of his first double feature, short film ‘Side Eye/ Only Way’  Thursday, August 28th at The Harper Theatre

This film is impactful for everyone because the men and women are given a voice.  Love states that “it’s not just a short film or double premiere but it’s more like a music experience/ short film.”

Chiest Love , Actress Leeosha Wallace (Chiraq) and Actor Edward Williams III (South Side) joined the show to talk about the film while discussing topics about relationships from a male perspective and a woman’s point of view.


Click here to listen:

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