Partners In Crime: Kelly Pope and Bill Kresse discuss “Contaminated Memories”, Homeland Security and The Abraham Bolden Story

Kelly Pope and Bill Kresse

Tonight Kelly Pope and Bill Kresse dive into the world of true crime with a host of informative guests.  We start the show with Debra Tolchinsky (filmmaker and Northwestern professor) discussing her New York Times op doc CONTAMINATED MEMORIES.  Then, we speak to Jason Piccolo who is the author of Unwavering, a Border Agent’s Journey from Hunter to Hunted.  He is a former special agent and supervisor with homeland security.  And finally, we discuss the incredible story of Abraham W. Bolden who is an American former United States Secret Service agent – in fact, the first African-American Secret Service agent assigned to the Presidential Protective Division, appointed by John F. Kennedy in 1961.  Listen in to hear these incredible stories and how Kelly and Bill unearth these hidden whistle blowers.

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