Steve Cochran Full Show 08.26.19: It’s Monday…. that’s all.

Today on the Steve Cochran Show the crew brought you another fun show talking everything from Bluetooth hacks to colonoscopies….(fun right?) Doc Most shares his knowledge on cigarettes and vaping and ways you can help the addiction. Dan Hampton talks football. Diane Latiker, a community activist in Chicago and founder of Kids Off the Block is your MVPP.  Ryan Nobles joins the conversation, and later Jarrett Payton talks about WGN’s primetime special honoring his father, Walter Payton on September 4th at 7pm. Plus, News Personality, Danielle Robay, talks about the triathlon that turned into a biathlon…. It’s a lot for a Monday, but Steve and Ji are sure you can handle it.

Listen to the podcast here:

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