Steve Cochran Full Show 08.23.19: A Corny Gift From Spike O’Dell

John Da Cosse, Ji Suk Yi, Steve Cochran, Pat McGann....(excuse Bill)

Steve Cochran and Ji Suk Yi had quite a party in the studio today.  Steve returned after being off for two days, (he didn’t win his golf tournament so don’t bring it up if you see him).  Lou’s first call kicks off the morning hour. Gary Pack from Twin Garden Farms stops by to deliver some corn…(there’s a story behind it). Bridget Gainer pops in to join the conversation with Steve and the crew. Founder of BACKBONES Reveca Torres talks about her non-profit organization and how she’s helping people with spinal cord injuries connect with their communities. Steve and Ji also chatted with Dean Richards about Taylor Swifts new album, and Pat McGann joins in studio to talk about his show at the Vic Theater on September 15.

Listen to the podcast here:

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