Chicago traffic is bad, Joe Walsh to take on Trump and Sean Spicer on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Lower Wacker Live with Justin Kaufmann

It’s Lower Wacker Live with Justin Kaufmann! This is the podcast that makes fun of the news and can also get you from Lake Shore Drive to 290 in like 5 minutes. Today’s top stories include two women being robbed on Michigan Avenue, a new study saying Chicagoans lose 73 hours a year to congestion, former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh to challenge President Trump, President Trump putting on fake Asian accent at a recent fundraiser, Sean Spicer appearing on “Dancing with the Stars,” the Cubs looking to sweep the Giants, the White Sox playing the Rangers at the Rate, the Bears kicker controversy getting the spotlight in Sports Illustrated, the Arizona Cardinals cutting Kevin White and Justin preparing for his trip to Seattle and Portland by watching travel videos on YouTube.

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