Pinch Hitters 08/18/19: Elton Jim in for Dave Plier

Elton Jim in the new WGN Studios

Elton Jim Turano sits in for Dave Plier for the second week in a row. Starting off the show, Jim discusses the Air and Water Show. Have you ever gone? What’s your favorite part?

Later, Elton Jim discusses the Woodstock music festival nearly 50 years ago this week. He recaps a column he wrote 30 years ago in 1989 and how the times have changed since that time. He also dives into why “Woodstock 50” didn’t happen.

Then, Jim welcomes his good friend and “Pop Culture Club” member, Mick Kayler. Jim and Mick review the movie Blinded By The Light, discuss the dying breed of magazines. Looking more specifically at Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and others.

Finally, Dave Schwan joins the show to chat with Elton Jim about some of the moments that took place in history this week. This includes some Beatles history, U.S history, and sports history.

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