Dean Richards’ Sunday Morning | August 18th, 2019 | Jennifer Hudson, Betty Mohr, “Blinded by the Light,” and Gelato Experts

Dean Richards

Dean’s covering it all on this edition of Dean Richards’ Sunday Morning! First, Dean talks with actress Jennifer Hudson and her sister Julia at their ninth annual ‘Hatch Day’ event. The event commemorates Jennifer’s nephew Julian King who was shot and killed almost 11 years ago. (12:53) Then, Betty Mohr, theater and opera critic for Le Bon Travel & Culture, joins Dean to talk about the latest in the Chicago theater and opera scene. (20:51) Next, Dean talks with the writer, director, and actors of the new film, “Blinded by the Light.” The film tells the story of Javed, a British teen of Pakistani descent, who gets inspired by Bruce Springsteen’s music. (33:27) Last, FoodTime goes gelato in light of the Gelato Festival coming to Chicago this weekend. Dean is joined in studio by Phil Greenberg and Camille Hawley of the festival. They talk about everything from the ins and outs of the event to what it is that makes gelato so special. (50:17) That and so much more on this edition of Dean Richards’ Sunday Morning!

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