Steve Cochran Full Show 08.15.19: Steve is “Pops To The Entire World”

Steve Cochran, aka: "Pops of the Entire World"

On this episode of The Steve Cochran Show:

It’s politics talk Thursday…

Nick Digilio joins bright and early to give his two sense on upcoming movies and what to watch.

Chuck Todd  talks about gun laws after another devastating  shooting in Philadelphia.

Pat Brady, former state Republican chairman calls into the show from Washington DC, and Eric Adelstein joins in studio.

MVPP: Jonny Imerman Co-Founder of CLOZTALK talks about the non-profit company that helps  charities build a well-known brand and raise awareness for their missions by selling apparel. How cool is that?

For more information about CLOZTALK, visit :

Dean Richards on More on Entertainment brings you up to speed with the latest news on entertainment.

Illinois becomes the first state to require insurers to cover EpiPens for kids.. Dr. Kevin Hulett talks about the importance of this new law.

Plus, Rich Guidice, director of safety for the Air & Water Show talks about do’s and don’t while watching the show this weekend.

Have you ever gotten a haircut by a celebrity? Well Yanni Metaxas has. He was on Jimmy Fallon Tonight getting a haircut by Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians) and tells the crew all about it!

Listen to the full show here: 

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