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Cochran’s Kids of the Week: Iyad H. & Joey S.

Kid Of The Week

The nomination of Joey Shepin and Iyad Hamid begins with the story of Ray Zhao, a 2018 Woodlawn Middle School graduate. Ray is a 3 time national high jump champion. A few weeks ago Ray suffered a spinal cord injury during high jump training and is now a quadriplegic but has shown some minimal movement in his arms. Joey and Iyad engineered a specific “assistive” device using a technology called Makey-Makey. This tech was introduced as part of our STEM curriculum. As good friends of Ray, the guys were seeking a way to assist Ray with increasing/improving the motor control of his hands by configuring a simple yet effective method of controlling a computer/video game using the Makey-Makey tech. They contacted the school and requested the use of the hardware which we gladly provided. They showed true compassion for their good friend.

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